Application for a resident training license (RTL)

IMPORTANT  Applicants for a NC resident training license must have passed USMLE Steps 1 & 2   or COMLEX 1 & 2. Each step/component must be passed within 3 attempts.

A resident training license (RTL) may be issued to a physician who is to participate in a recognized, fully accredited graduate medical program or approved fellowship. Note: Residents who are granted a training license are NOT assigned a license number. Their information page will simply indicate “RTL.”

Below is a summary of the rules of Chapter 32, Section 500 of the North Carolina Administrative Code.  These are the conditions, which might allow licensure.  However the Board reserves the right to make whatever additional demands on the applicant the Board deems appropriate.

1. Complete on line Resident Training License application.

2. Verification of Medical Education- You must submit one of the verification of medical education forms below to your medical school for processing.  Your medical school should return the form to your GME office. 

Verification of Medical Education Form A.  This form should be completed by students who have completed the requirements for the MD or DO degree but have not yet received the medical degree.

Verification of Medical Education Form B.  This form should be completed by physicians who have graduated and received their medical degree.

3. Applicants for a NC residents training license must have passed USMLE Steps 1 & 2 or COMLEX 1 & 2.  Original transcripts must be sent to the NC Medical Board directly from the source.

4. Letter addressed to the North Carolina Medical Board from the chief of service or the appointed representative in the department in which you will be entering training verifying the appointment.  The letter must state the beginning date of the appointment.  A copy of your contract will not be accepted.

  • If the appointment is to complete a rotation in North Carolina as part of a program you are enrolled in outside of North Carolina, submit a letter from the chairman of the department at your current location stating the rotation is a part of an approved training program and that the rotation has been approved, and also submit a letter from the physician in North Carolina with whom you plan to be working, stating he or she has agreed to supervise the rotation, giving the beginning and ending dates of the rotation.

5. ECFMG:  Graduates of Foreign Medical Schools must furnish an original ECFMG Certification Status Report of a currently valid standard certificate of ECFMG.  Fifth Pathway:  Graduates of a foreign medical school, who have completed a Fifth Pathway Program, must furnish verification of passing the ECFMG examination together with verification of completing of a Fifth Pathway Program. 

6. Applicants must submit two completed fingerprint cards for the purpose of conducting a criminal background check.

Note: Some applicants may be required to meet additional requirements and/or meet with a representative of the Board or a subcommittee of the Board as part of the application process. This will not be determined until you application is complete and has been reviewed by Board staff. You will be notified through your House Staff Office if additional information is required.

RENEWAL - North Carolina law requires licensed physicians to renew with the Board within 30 days of their birth date, every year, no matter when the license is issued. A renewal fee is required.

Two seperate fees are required for the license application process and the renewal process.  The application fee helps cover the cost of processing the physician’s application.  The Board is also responsible for regulating those who have received a license to make sure they are safe to practice medicine.  To perform that duty, the Board requires a seperate “renewal” fee each year.