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The patient was saying sexist things. How I handled him made me part of the problem

June 8, 2018
Being the resident on call in the hospital carries a lot of responsibility. It’s part of my job to make sure our patients in the emergency room are seen and evaluated by all the different people who might be involved in their care, including my co-residents. The hours are long and the work can be grueling, but it’s a necessary evil: I’m in my second year of residency and I’m learning how to respond to crisis and how to make decisions alone.

STAT columnist Dr. Jennifer Okwerekwu and her colleague Dr. Gaddy Noy discuss a difficult situation they faced during a recent overnight shift they worked together.


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Blood test might help predict both preterm and healthy delivery dates

June 7, 2018
For most women, one of the most stressful parts of giving birth is not knowing when it’s going to happen. Roughly 15 million pregnant women face life-threatening spontaneous preterm birth every year. And doctors don’t really understand why some pregnancies — nearly 10 percent of all U.S. births — end suddenly, weeks or even months before they should.

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Primer: How To Speak Basic Biotech, From ‘Transformative’ To ‘Valley Of Death’

June 04, 2018
The Boston area’s booming biotech cluster is a little like a country with its own culture: tribes, hierarchies, social currency, customs. And cultures tend to have languages. So how does one begin to speak biotech?

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Pioneering surgery makes a prosthetic foot feel like the real thing

May 30, 2018
For hours on end last year, Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineers ran the brain-controlled robotic limb through its paces, testing its capabilities on a series of patients and fine-tuning it like a pit crew preparing a race car for the Indy 500. They had patients flex the prosthetic foot: toe up, toe down. Toe in, toe out. Walk up a flight of stairs, then back down. But it was after the day’s experiments, when patient Jim Ewing was seated and chatting with the team, that they made their most provocative observation: He fidgeted, pivoting the motorized ankle, unconsciously.

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Health care options shrink as rural Southern hospitals close their doors

The Post and Courier
May 25, 2018
It makes sense to sell this old place now, but he can’t bring himself to leave her ashes. Barry Gibbs lives alone in a single-story home among the loblollies of Hyde County in eastern North Carolina. The army veteran collects a small disability check after he tore tendons in his shoulder during a fall at his maintenance job at the local school. He winces every time he stands up. He’s 64 years old and the closest hospital is more than an hour away, a distance he came to understand too well on the day she needed help.

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More patients are taking home recordings of their doctor visits. But who else could listen?

May 18, 2018
Doctors across the U.S. have begun doing what once seemed unthinkable in a litigious health care environment: recording their medical conversations with patients and encouraging them to review the audio at home. The rationale for the practice is as simple as the smartphone technology that enables it: having a recording improves patients’ understanding and recall of their doctor visits and helps them adhere to treatment regimens.

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