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The reading room includes articles and videos of potential interest to consumers and medical professionals. The opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of the NC Medical Board, its members and staff.

How fentanyl changes the opioid equation

October 17, 2018
More than a decade into the opioid epidemic, illicit fentanyl and related synthetic drugs are now driving the nation’s spiraling overdose death toll. Involved in nearly half of the roughly 200 U.S. drug overdose deaths every day, fentanyl appears to be here to stay.

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What the healthcare industry could learn from Lyft and Airbnb

Fast Company
October 9, 2018
The sharing economy is built upon service and interaction designs that engender interpersonal trust. Healthcare organizations could learn from it.

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Without safety net of kids or spouse, ‘Elder Orphans’ need fearless fallback plan

Kaiser Health News
October 4, 2018
“Elder Orphans” (older people without a spouse or children on whom they can depend) and “Solo Agers” (older adults without children, living alone), need to plan ahead to make sure they have resources in place for when they became ill or disabled later in life.

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The unfortunate thing West Virginia, California and Rhode Island have in common

October 1, 2018
The opioid crisis is a national health emergency, but some states are hit harder than others. California, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Kentucky and Florida suffer the most from opioid abuse, according to Fair Health, a New York-based nonprofit market research firm that analyzed 26 billion privately-billed medical and dental insurance claims from 2002 until 2017.

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