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The reading room includes articles and videos of potential interest to consumers and medical professionals. The opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of the NC Medical Board, its members and staff.

How the Coronavirus Turns the Body Against Itself

NY Times
January 28, 2021
The coronavirus can warp the body’s defenses in many ways — disarming the body’s early warning systems, for example, or causing immune cells to misfire. But a spate of new studies suggests another insidious consequence: The infection can trigger the production of antibodies that mistakenly attack the patient’s own tissues instead of the virus.

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Staying safe in the time of coronavirus: pay attention to ‘the guy you know’

January 18, 2021
For the last nine months, my team of anthropologists and I have been asking people across the United States to tell us their experiences of living during a global pandemic. We have seen a dangerous theme emerge: the belief that dangers of the virus come from strangers and that friendship and family ties can cancel contagion. Though logical, these interpretations of biology are wrong — sometimes dead wrong.

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Talking With People In Your Life Hesitant About The Coronavirus Vaccine

January 12, 2021
Even as the coronavirus vaccine becomes more widely distributed, lots of Americans say they’re still not sure they’ll get one.

A December study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that about a quarter of Americans remain hesitant.

What’s the best way to approach the subject with people who remain unsure? NPR’s Michel Martin spoke with Nadine Gartner, the founder and executive director of Boost Oregon, a nonprofit focused on educating parents about the safety of childhood immunizations.

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Yes, you can still get infected with Covid-19 after being vaccinated. Here’s why

CNN Health
January 8, 2021
On December 18, a San Diego emergency room nurse was given a shot of the Covid-19 vaccine. A week later, he tested positive for the virus, CNN affiliate KGTV reported.

Stories like this will become more common as millions of Americans are administered the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines over the coming months. Over time, many who are vaccinated will still get infected with the novel coronavirus.

During trials, the vaccines were shown to be about 95% effective — which means some vaccinated people were still infected.

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