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How did COVID warp our sense of time? It’s a matter of perception

December 14, 2022


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A new coalition aims to close AI’s credibility gap in medicine with testing and oversight

December 7, 2022
To read the medical literature, you might think AI is taking over medicine. It can detect cancers on images earlier, find heart issues invisible to cardiologists, and predict organ dysfunction hours before it becomes dangerous to hospitalized patients. But most of the AI models described in journals — and lionized in press releases — never make it into clinical use. And the rare exceptions have fallen well short of their revolutionary expectations.

On Wednesday, a group of academic hospitals, government agencies, and private companies unveiled a plan to change that. The group, billing itself as the Coalition for Health AI, called for the creation of independent testing bodies and a national registry of clinical algorithms to allow physicians and patients to assess their suitability and performance, and root out bias that so often skews their results.

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