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The treatment of obesity

 Categories:  Clinical Practice   Adopted Oct 1987  | Amended Jul 2017

It is the position of the North Carolina Medical Board that the cornerstones of the treatment of obesity are diet (caloric control) and exercise. Medications and surgery should only be used to treat obesity when the benefits outweigh the risks of the chosen modality.

The treatment of obesity should be based on sound scientific evidence and principles. Treatment modalities and prescription medications that have not been proven to have beneficial effects should not be used. For example, it is the Board’s position that it is inappropriate to: (1) prescribe hCG for the treatment of obesity; or (2) to prescribe phentermine at excessive dosages, for inappropriate durations, or to patients that are not overweight.

Adequate medical documentation must be kept so that progress as well as the success or failure of any modality is easily ascertained.

[Adopted as The Use of Anorectics in Treatment of Obesity]