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Aug 31 2009

Enter content for your Licensee Info Page

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Licensed physicians and physician assistants may now enter information for expanded public information pages, which are expected to go live on this website in December 2009.

Click here to visit the Licensee Information Page resource center on this website. This page provides detailed information about the initiative.

If you are ready to enter information for your page, click here.

Although licensees are required to report certain information, the Board is also providing physicians and physician assistants with the opportunity to provide a broader range of information about the accomplishments they have made in their medical education, training and professional careers. The Board believes the public benefits from having access to this information. Licensees are encouraged to make use of the many new optional categories of information available to them. Licensees will need to update their pages periodically to add new information and ensure that their pages remain up-to-date. Over time, the Board believes the expanded pages may become a useful marketing tool for its licensees.

Licensees will receive a written notice with instructions for completing their pages. Notices will be mailed in five batches, with the first batch mailing August 31. Licensees are asked to review their existing information and provide additional content within 60 days of receiving their notices.

The Board greatly appreciates its licensees' assistance with this important project.

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I think that it is not necessary for Public to know the home address of the Physician.It has no usefulness regarding the quality of provider. on the contarary it may place the providers and their families in danger of assault, robbery and vandalism by disgruntled clients

By Pushpa Chander MD on Sep 03, 2009 at 5:21pm
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