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Feb 5 2016

NC’s prescription monitoring database: an underused resource

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The state run NC Controlled Substances Reporting System (NCCSRS) is an important tool for any medical professional who prescribes controlled substances. Yes, according to the system's administrators less than half of NC prescribers with a valid DEA registration are currently signed up to access the CSRS.

The CSRS maintains a database of all controlled substances dispensed in outpatient settings across NC. NCMB encourages licensees to register for access to the NCCSRS and use its data to help make responsible prescribing decisions and identify patients who may be diverting and/or abusing controlled substances.

If you are not yet registered to access NCCSRS but would like to be, click here, log in and select Training & CSRS to register online.

If you are registered for access and want to log in to the CSRS to check a patient's prescription history or review your own prescribing, click here to log in.

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I appreciate what you are doing here. Perhaps, you would consider another angle? You are proposing that utilizing the CSRS will help identify diverters and “abusers.” Can you boldly state that utilizing the CSRS will save lives? You have the power to set the tone of this conversation with your next statement. I’m losing people everyday. It’s time.

By Donald McDonald on Feb 17, 2016 at 12:47pm
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