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Board publishes official guidance on reporting malpractice, other info

The North Carolina Medical Board has published detailed guidance to assist licensees who must report required information, including malpractice payments, under N.C.G.S. 90-5.2 and 90-5.3. These statutes direct the Board to gather and make public certain facts about its physician and physician assistant licensees. The Board unveiled expanded licensee information pages that include the new information on its public website in December.

Specifically, the law requires licensees of the Board to report criminal convictions, certain information about malpractice/professional liability insurance payments, actions taken by out-of-state medical boards and other regulatory authorities or healthcare agencies and final actions taken by hospitals or other healthcare institutions. Licensees must report this information to the Board in a process separate from the annual license renewal. Do not assume you are in compliance if you have already reported required information to the Board during the renewal process.

The Board has created a document that sets out its expectations for how this information should be reported. It addresses frequently asked questions and provides many helpful suggestions the Board hopes will be of use to its licensees.

Licensees may access the guidance document at From the home page, click on "Professional Resources." Select "Licensee Info Pages" from the menu. Click the green button labeled "Guidance on Reporting Required Info" at the right of the screen.