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Call for applicants: Serve on the NCMB

The terms of four sitting Medical Board members expire October 31, so now is the time to apply if you have ever considered serving the state of North Carolina and the medical profession in this capacity.

Applicants are needed for two physician seats on the Board and for one seat that is reserved for a physician assistant or nurse practitioner. In addition, one seat is available for a member of the public, to be directly appointed by the Governor. The three remaining seats (two physicians, one PA or NP) must be filled by the process set down in statute (N.C. Gen. Stat. § 90-2 and 90-3), which requires interested parties to apply via the Review Panel, an independent body that nominates candidates for consideration by the Governor. By law, the Review Panel must nominate two candidates for each open seat for the Governor’s consideration. All Board Member terms are three years, beginning Nov. 1 and ending October 31, 2017. Instructions for applying via either pathway (Review Panel or direct gubernatorial) are below.

Review Panel-nominated openings
Under North Carolina law, interested parties must apply through the Review Panel. This independent body screens applicants, conducts interviews and makes recommendations to the Governor, who then appoints physicians to the Medical Board. The Review Panel will only consider physicians (MDs or DOs) who hold active, unrestricted NC medical licenses. Applicants must be actively practicing clinical medicine at least part time and must have no history of disciplinary action within the past five years. Applications are due by July 1.

The Review Panel will interview all qualified applicants in Raleigh in August. All three of the positions for which applicants are sought currently are held by Board members who are eligible for reappointment; however, these Board Members must go through the application and interview process. For more information, contact Jerel Noel, the Review Panel Administrator, at (919) 861-4545.

Direct gubernatorial appointments
Applicants are needed for one public member seat. The individual currently occupying the public member seat is eligible for reappointment, but must reapply. The public member position is open to anyone except a licensed health care professional, or the spouse of one. Public members are appointed directly by Governor Pat McCrory. For instructions on how to apply, visit

Review Panel: