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NC CSRS connects to multistate data sharing network

Image for NC CSRS connects to multistate data sharing network Physicians and other controlled substances prescribers registered with the state’s prescription drug database now can see what medications their patients have received in other states.

Currently, NC prescribers who use the NC Controlled Substances Reporting System (NC CSRS) can get patient information from Virginia, South Carolina and over a dozen other states through the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy’s PMP InterConnect, which NC recently joined. More states are coming online regularly, as the NC Department of Health and Human Services works to enable additional two-way prescription data sharing agreements with individual states. In all, 45 states are connected to PMP.

To obtain information from another state NC CSRS users must select “Multiple State Query” from the left-hand side of the page, after logging in. Available states are in the field labelled, “Disclosing States.” It will be necessary to run a separate query for each state. In other words, to check a patient’s prescription histories in NC, SC and Virginia, a prescriber or registered delegate would have to run three queries.

NC CSRS captures all controlled substances prescriptions that are dispensed by outpatient pharmacies in North Carolina. Other states’ databases capture similar information. Prescribers can use prescription data to spot potentially harmful or contraindicated drug combinations and to better understand their patients’ habits and behaviors.

So, is mandatory NC CSRS in effect now?
Not yet. NC CSRS’s participation in PMP Interconnect is progress towards completion of NC CSRS improvements that are required before mandatory use can be in effect. However, NC DHHS must complete other technical improvements, in addition to providing the ability to receive prescription data from other states.

NCMB will continue to monitor progress and inform licensees when a specific effective date for mandatory NC CSRS use is established.