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NCMB Strategic Plan: 2015 - 2018

At its September 2014 Retreat, the Board reached consensus around being more proactive in its mission of protecting the public and more relevant to the constantly changing marketplace, health care practice models, and licensee, stakeholder, and public expectations. The Board also recognizes the uncertainties and complexities inherent in its Current State (2014) and seeks to clarify for those it serves and to lead in its policies - as much as practicable - toward a shared vision of its Future State, by 2018.

    • Vigorous oversight of the NC Physicians Health Program ensures that PHP affords due process; complies with state laws, operating
    agreements and best practices; and regularly monitors and evaluates treatment centers (2015)
    • Ongoing education on Board roles to accrue organizational knowledge and consistency in decision-making (2016)
    • NC Medical Practice Act is modernized (2017)
    • Board Members view NCMB’s effectiveness by Strategic Goals achieved while also continuing to act decisively in licensing and
    disciplinary duties ( 2018)

    • Telemedicine and retail medicine policies balance changes to the delivery of medical care with patient protection (2016)
    • Innovative licensure initiatives, including multi-state compacts, as feasible, gain legislative approval and are implemented (2018)
    • Policies, protocols and outcomes are widely communicated to all constituencies (2015+)
    • Licensee education initiatives for medical schools/students, training programs/residents, and health care systems receive priority
    • Convenor role engages constituents and informs policy development (2015+)
    • NCMB is a trusted resource for policy makers and the public, providing data and analytics to enhance mission (2017)
    • NCMB is known for active constituency engagement and collaboration as judged by a stakeholder survey (2018)

    • Staff reorganization facilitates role of Executive Director in Outreach and Policy, and strengthens internal capacities (2015)
    • Data and uses of analytics focus regulatory attention and improve outcomes (2016)
    • Cross-training, succession planning and professional development plans exist throughout NCMB organization (2016)
    • Performance measures ensure mission efficiencies and regulatory quality ( 2016)
    • Synchronous leadership of Board and senior staff drives organizational effectiveness (2018)

    • Legislative approval for a fee increase is enacted and investment policy is recalibrated (2015)
    • New revenues, ongoing cost controls and optimal use of technology bolster finances (2017)
    • NCMB operates with appropriate office and public hearing space (2018)
    • Balanced budgets, reserves at 50%, and investments earn three-year rolling average of > 5% ROI, using financial modeling (2018)