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New law: Licensees must report sexual misconduct, prescribing misconduct

Effective Oct. 1, a new state law obligates licensees to report to NCMB any instances of sexual misconduct or prescribing misconduct by a person licensed by the Board. To assist licensees with fulfilling their duty to report, NCMB has created a new reporting form on the Board's website.

Specifically, licensees are required to report:

1. Any sexual misconduct by a licensee of the Board

2. Any fraudulent prescribing, drug diversion or theft of controlled substances by a licensee of the Board.

Medical professionals need not have definitive evidence of misconduct to make a report. The law specifies that licensed medical professionals should submit a report if they “reasonably believe” that misconduct has occurred. Licensees who report suspected misconduct in good faith are granted civil immunity.

NCMB has developed FAQs on the new reporting requirement and a resource page, found at, where licensees may read the text of the new law and access the new online reporting form.

Licensees and others working in healthcare have long requested a dedicated form for their use when reporting matters of concern to the Board. Healthcare professionals may use the new form to report any matter the reporting individual wishes to be investigated, in addition to the misconduct specifically required to be reported under state law. Patients and members of the general public will continue to use the existing NCMB complaint form.

Licensees should not use the new reporting form to ask general questions or inquire about the status of their license renewal; Sending these inquiries via the reporting form will delay replies. Please direct general questions to