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New NCMB database brings new look, new login process

NCMB recently converted to a new database system. As a result, many of the core applications and programs licensees, members of the public and others visit our website to access have a new look. The new system allows licensees and others to manage business with NCMB through a single portal, from which they can select the specific actions or tasks they need to complete.

Licensed medical professionals and others who use NCMB’s website to report information or access data will be prompted to register for access to the new database system the first time they visit the new system online. This is a one time requirement. After initial registration, visitors will access protected information with a username and password. Licensees will no longer use their assigned FileID number to login.

Licensees will use the Licensure Gateway to manage license applications, update their information, renew a license or manage business related to a professional corporation (PC) or professional limited liability company (PLLC), among other things. Hospital and health system staff, insurance company personnel and other non-licensees who report or access information through NCMB’s website will use the Third Party Gateway. Legal staff or others who enter information on behalf of a licensee's PC or PLLC must also use the Third Party Gateway. Non-licensees will be prompted to create a username and password to access the Third Party Gateway.

Please make a note of the changes and inform all staff or others who may be affected.