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Supporting colleagues in a time of crisis

Physicians and physician assistants licensed by the Board contributed more than $172,000 to the NC Physicians Health Program Treatment Scholarship Fund during the 12-months ended Dec. 31, 2017. Licensees can contribute to the fund during the annual license renewal process.

Licensee donations support two types of scholarships. Gifts from the Treatment Scholarship Fund help cover the cost of alcohol and substance use treatment. In some cases, funds also may be used to pay for inpatient and outpatient assessments. A second fund, the Michael Wilkerson Family Fund, assists families of practitioners who are in treatment. Awards from this fund can be used to assist with family expenses that arise during the time when a licensee is unable to practice.

The Treatment Scholarship Fund awarded 60 scholarships in 2017, totaling about $170,000.

NCPHP is a not-for-profit organization that provides assessment, referral, monitoring, educational and support services for medical professionals with behavioral and substance use issues. Referrals to NCPHP are confidential. Licensees may remain anonymous, including to the Medical Board, if NCPHP can establish safety to practice or the licensee withdraws from practice while receiving treatment.

Want to donate?
1. Visit
2. Complete the donation form
3. Be sure to select NC PHP Treatment Fund or NC PHP Wilkerson Family Fund to direct your gift
4. Donations may also be made through NCMB’s annual renewal process