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Jul 20 2011

Serve as an independent medical expert reviewer

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The North Carolina Medical Board needs your help.

The Board evaluates a large number of quality of care issues each year as a result of complaints, malpractice payment reports, etc. The Board draws on the knowledge and experience of independent reviewers from all fields of medicine to help determine if the care provided is within accepted standards of care. Reviewers are asked to analyze patient medical records and report their opinions and conclusions to the Board for its consideration as part of the overall review process.

Physicians selected to review cases are provided a brief summary of the issues involved, relevant patient and prescribing records and prepared forms to guide the physician. All materials and information provided to reviewers are confidential. On rare occasions, a reviewer may be asked to offer testimony at a formal hearing of the Board. North Carolina law (NCGS §90 14 (f))specifically protects individuals who provide expert medical opinions to the Board in good faith, without fraud or malice, from liability in civil proceedings.

The Board asks that reports be completed in four weeks. Although the time required to complete a report varies, a typical review takes approximately one to three hours per patient. Compensation is provided at $150 per hour.

External reviewers should be ABMS or AOA Board certified, have no history of public discipline with the Board and have been engaged in active clinical practice in North Carolina for at least the past two years.

For more information, please call or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Scott G. Kirby, MD, NCMB Medical Director, at (919) 326-1109 ext. 247.

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