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Nov 5 2009

Update your Licensee Information: There’s still time!

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In September, the Board mailed notices asking its more than 35,000 physician and physician assistant licensees to update and expand their public information pages on the Board's website. This process is separate from the annual renewal, so it is necessary to update your information even if you have already renewed your license this year.

Expanded licensee information pages are expected to go live on the Board's website in December. The Board anticipates the launch will be widely covered by the mainstream press. That could send unprecedented numbers of patients and others to the Board's site for information about North Carolina medical practitioners.

Viewing and updating your information now is the only way to ensure your page is accurate and complete before the pages go live. The Board has added a number of optional categories of information that allow licensees to highlight their unique skills and training. Don't miss out on this opportunity to market yourself and your practice!

As of mid-October, more than half of all active, licensed physician assistants and nearly half of all active, licensed physicians had logged in to the Board's online data-entry system. The Board appreciates its licensees' assistance with this important project.

To update your Licensee Information page, go to and select 'Update Licensee Info Page' from the green Quick Links box at the right of the screen. The system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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