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Feb 8 2012

Urgent notice to professional corps, PLLCs

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As of mid-January, more than 40 percent of all professional medical corporations and professional limited liability corporations (PLLCs) operating in the state had failed to complete their annual registration as required under
North Carolina law. The registration renewal deadline for all medical corporations and PLLCs was December 31. If you have not renewed, please do so as soon as possible to avoid adverse action against your business. Any professional medical corporation or PLLC that fails to renew by the end of February will be suspended by the Medical Board and the N.C. Secretary of State. When a professional corporation or PLLC is suspended, it is not for lawful for it to provide professional services in North Carolina.

Final notices were sent to registrants via regular mail at the end of January. Registrants who missed the December 31 deadline must pay a $10 late fee. The NC Medical Board is in the process of implementing an annual renewal for all professional medical corporations and PLLCs, which will replace the current biennial renewal system.

Please email questions to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Please include the full name of the business you are inquiring about and, if known, the registration ID number.

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