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Apr 27 2011

Year in Review: A look back at data from 2010

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This year’s annual Year in Review feature highlights a selection of data about the Board’s expanded online Licensee Information pages, along with general demographic information and a review of Board work during 2010. Licensee demographic information reflect totals as of December 31, 2010. To date, about 17 percent of physicians and about 15 percent of physician assistants have not responded to Board requests to update and expand their Licensee Information pages, which present detailed information about individual licensees.
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Many licensees who have updated their pages have not taken the opportunity to provide optional information, such stating a practice philosophy or reporting whether they accept new Medicare and Medicaid patients. And, while most physicians have updated their postgraduate training information to comply with the Board’s new format, many still have not. Licensees with no reported postgraduate training are out of compliance with NC law.

Visit the NCMB’s Data Center online for additional graphics and information.


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