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Jul 3 2018

Board Member to serve on national sexual boundary violation workgroup

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Dr. Venkata Jonnalagadda, a Greenville psychiatrist who have served on the Board since 2015, has been appointed to the Federation of State Medical Boards’ Workgroup on Sexual Boundary Violations. 

The workgroup is charged with:

1. Collecting and reviewing available disciplinary data, including incidence and spectrum of severity of behavior and sanction, related to sexual boundary violations;

2. Identifying and evaluating barriers to reporting sexual boundary violations to state medical boards, including, but not limited to, the impact of state confidentiality laws, state administrative codes and procedures, investigative procedures, and cooperation with law enforcement on the reporting and prosecution/adjudication of sexual boundary violations;

3. Evaluating the impact of state medical board public outreach on reporting;

4. Reviewing FSMB’s 2006 policy entitled Addressing Sexual Boundaries: Guidelines for State Medical Boards, and revising, amending or replacing, as appropriate; and

5. Assessing the prevalence of sexual boundary/harassment training in medical and graduate medical education and developing recommendations and/or resources to address gaps.

NCMB is proud to be represented on this body, whose work will enhance medical regulatory boards’ understanding of sexual assault and boundary violations by medical professionals, and hopefully, enhance state medical boards’ ability to effectively respond when sexual misconduct is reported to them.

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