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Jan 24 2018

Notice to Patients: STOP Act prescribing limits information in English and Spanish

NCMB has created a printable Notice to Patients about the new limits on initial prescriptions for acute pain that are imposed by the state’s new opioids law, known as the STOP Act. The prescribing limits went into effect Jan. Medical professionals are invited to download, print and display this notice*, which is available in English and Spanish versions, in their practices to inform patients of these important changes.

The limits apply only to Schedule II and Schedule III opioids or narcotics when they are prescribed for acute pain (includes post-operative pain and pain from many injuries). Prescriptions for chronic pain are not subject to the prescribing limits.

Notice to Patients (English)

Notice to Patients (Spanish)

Editable Word versions of the documents above are available at for practices that wish to customize the notice.

*Practices that see patients on demand and may be subject to federal EMTALA laws are advised to seek a legal opinion about how the notice may be used in their practice settings.