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Sep 21 2017

Draft rule defines “consultation” between supervisees, supervisors

NCMB voted today to seek approval for rule changes to define consultation between a supervising physician and his or her supervisee. The draft rule clarifies that either in person or telephone contact between supervisor and supervisee is acceptable and sets basic parameters for the substance of such consultations. Read the full text of the proposed rule defining consultation

The rule is intended provide guidance to licensees seeking to comply with provisions of NC’s new opioids law, the STOP Act of 2017, that require physician assistants and nurse practitioners working in pain clinics to “consult” with the supervising physician before issuing any prescription for a Schedule II or Schedule III opioid where the therapeutic use of the prescription is expected to last 30 days or longer.

The draft rule will be submitted for consideration to the NC Rules Review Commission and public comment will be accepted. NCMB wlll publicize information about how to provide feedback when the rule is filed.