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Dec 18 2020

Tailored training targets prescribers’ knowledge gaps

NCMB is excited to share a new resource for licensees who need to strengthen their opioid prescribing knowledge. Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC), a leading provider of education on safer pain management and substance use treatment in primary care, now offers academic detailing. This innovative training approach pairs prescribers with medical educators who provide tailored guidance for participants. Academic detailing can support a wide range of opioid prescribing needs including best practices for treating chronic pain and recognizing and treating opioid use disorder including the use of medications for opioid use disorder also known as medication-assisted treatment or MAT.

Licensees asked or directed to address knowledge gaps identified in an NCMB investigation may choose academic detailing through MAHEC to satisfy continuing medical education requirements. For a limited time, academic detailing will also be available to any prescriber who is interested in enhancing their prescribing skills. There is no cost to prescribers and training is provided virtually, enabling MAHEC to serve prescribers in any part of North Carolina.

Space in this pilot program is limited. You can learn more about these services in this informational flyer.