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2016 PA compliance checks

Three-quarters of all physician assistants (PAs) reviewed during the Board’s 2016 PA compliance checks were in full compliance with all applicable laws and rules.
The remaining 25 percent of PAs reviewed were found to be noncompliant with rules related to prescribing medications and with requirements for both frequency and documentation of quality improvement meet-ings. In all cases, the PAs corrected the deficiencies noted. The Board issued private letters of concerns to both the PA and his or her primary supervising physician in 75 percent of cases where deficiencies were documented.

The Board conducts random site visits at PA practice sites each year to encourage compliance with NC law and administrative rules that govern PA practice in the state. The Board has selected PAs for site visits to be conducted in 2017. PAs will be contacted by a Board field investigator, who will schedule the site visit. During the visit, PAs will be asked to produce certain documents that are required to be kept on file at each of the PA’s practice locations.

Are you in compliance?
A complete description of the information PAs should expect to provide during a compliance review is available on the PA Site Visit Checklist. This document, as well as PA rules, FAQs and other information, are available on the Board’s website at