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Board changes reentry requirements

At its September meeting, the NCMB voted to revise its method of addressing the clinical competency of license applicants without recent clinical experience. The new policy requires these applicants to be assessed by organizations experienced at determining physician competency.

Previously, the Board required physician license applicants who had been out of active clinical practice for two or more years before seeking licensure, or reinstatement of licensure, in North Carolina to design and complete a program of reentry approved by the Board. However, it has been challenging for the Board to determine whether applicants have gaps in their clinical knowledge and skill that should be addressed. In addition, the Board has had little ability to accurately assess whether the approved reentry program meets its goal of safely reintegrating the applicant into active practice.

The new policy will require physician license applicants who have not practiced clinical medicine for two or more years to complete a formal examination or assessment approved by the Board, and follow all applicable recommendations. The Board is unable to determine what type of competency assessment will be required until the complete license application has been reviewed.

Reentry requirements affect a small fraction of license applicants. About 200 licensees have completed programs of reentry since the Board began requiring them about eight years ago.