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Getting to know the people of the NC Medical Board: Jerri L. Patterson, NP

Image for Getting to know the people of the NC Medical Board: Jerri L. Patterson, NP APPOINTED 2016 | PAIN MANAGEMENT | NP BOARD MEMBER| WEST END, NC

Q: What do you find most rewarding about practicing medicine?

A: I love my job of working with pain patients. Every day I am humbled to see how wonderful, courageous and resilient people are. By the time a pain patient gets to me, they are often angry, distrustful and sometimes feeling hopeless. Together, we formulate a plan and work to get them back to the best possible place. It is rewarding to see them hope again and watch them progress to their goals. I love hearing that they are walking the dog, playing with their grandchildren, going back to work or doing whatever gives them joy.

Q: What do you do to recharge/prevent burnout?

A: After what may have been a horribly draining day, I try not to focus on the negative. Instead I think over the day and focus on at least one positive outcome that I achieved. Sometimes this requires some digging but I don’t give up until I find one, no matter how small. I also find water to be very calming. I am fortunate to live by a lake and drive over a dam every day to reach my home. Often after a difficult day I pull the car over and watch the sun set over the water, and this surrounds me with peace. To prevent burnout, I try to make sure that I take time for me, and am now able to do with without feeling selfish. I enjoy sitting down with a good book, listening to music, splurging on a massage or facial or planning an outing with friends.

Q: What do you like to do in your leisure time?

A: When the weather is good, I am an avid glamper. No tents for me! I have all the conveniences of home. Picture this- a lounge chair, a fan, a good book, SPF30 sunscreen and a margarita! If I can’t do that, then I enjoy gardening, reading and shopping online.

Q: Who inspires you?

A: I would have to change this question to who inspired me. The answer is my two daughters, who are both deceased - one from breast cancer and the other from an asthma attack after suffering with the disease since infancy. During their illnesses they both exhibited a continued zest for life, courage and a determination to live their lives to the fullest, without any regrets. I was humbled and proud to be their mother and they are wonderful examples for their children.

Q: What has surprised you about serving on the Board?

A: I have been astonished by the expertise, commitment and dedication of every staff member. Because of this, Board Members are able to navigate their way through license applications, policy and position statements and disciplinary hearings with an expediency that I would never had imagined possible.