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NCMB publishes guide to closing a medical practice

Closing a medical practice, whatever the reason, is a complicated process with many specific professional obligations. The NCMB often receives inquiries from licensees who are leaving practice and need guidance on how best to meet these obligations. In response, the Board has published a comprehensive guide, “The doctor is out: a physician’s guide to closing a practice.”

The guide, which can be accessed via the NCMB’s website under Special Topics in the Professional Resources section, provides advice on meeting one’s professional obligations to patients and others when closing or departing a practice. The advice reflects relevant information as set down in formal Board position statements and state law. Topics covered include the obligation to communicate to patients, making provisions for medical records, requirements for practicing at indigent clinics in retirement and reactivating one’s medical license if the licensee chooses to return to active clinical practice. The guide also includes a section on the need to close a practice due to disciplinary action by the Board.

The Board hopes the new guide will be useful to individuals and practices planning for departures, closures and retirements, or those who are required to leave practice due to illness or regulatory reasons.

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