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Need PPE? Request a free shipment from the NC Medical Society

The North Carolina Medical Society has secured a $5 million grant from the NC General Assembly to provide FREE personal protective equipment (PPE) to independent practices across the state. NCMS is ready to begin distribution now.

The goal of this distribution effort is to ensure that independent practices in North Carolina have the PPE needed for today, but also PPE reserves for an uncertain future. Please continue to order PPE supplies as you normally would and consider this free PPE as stockpile when possible.

To be eligible for free PPE under the terms of the grant, each practice must certify that they meet all the following criteria:

• The medical practice is organized in accordance with North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 55B and registered with the North Carolina Medical Board as a professional corporation (PC) or professional limited liability company (PLLC) with the purpose of practicing medicine.
• The practice currently provides or contracts for professional medical services.
• The practice is not owned, managed, or otherwise controlled by an entity defined in G.S. 131E-76(13).
• The practice is not managed by a practice management company, unless the practice management company is majority owned by North Carolina licensed physicians.

Complete the confirmation form

Upon receipt of the completed confirmation form, PPE will be shipped to each office location provided. Learn more about the available PPE and how it will be shipped at the NCMS Free PPE webpage.

NCMS also offers a variety of PPE through its ActionPPE group purchasing arrangement. Learn more about this purchasing option here.