Participating in disaster relief

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to provide medical assistance to North Carolinians injured or affected by Hurricane Florence. Your willingness to serve is deeply appreciated.

How can you help?

Licensed North Carolina clinicians - Register with the American Red Cross.

Contact the hospital or hospital system in your area to inquire about opportunities to volunteer. Medical staff in affected areas are working long shifts and hospitals in the state have helped by sending clinicians to relieve local medical staff.

Many private medical practices sustained damage due to the storm. The North Carolina Medical Society is coordinating an effort to put volunteers in contact with individual clinicians or practices that need help. Contact Belinda McKoy at or 919-833-3836 x142

Clinicians outside of North Carolina - Stand by. At this time, NC’s established systems for activating and deploying medical responders appear to be meeting needs within the state. However, NCMB has made provisions to grant emergency authority to practice in the NC, if additional physicians and PAs are needed.

Register with the American Red Cross. The organization appears to have shut down its application for health services workers at this time. General volunteer assignments are available.

Currently, the most pressing need is for food, shelter and other supplies. Consider supporting relief efforts with a donation.

About Emergency Medical Licensure

First (and fastest) option: Clinicians who hold full, unrestricted licenses in their home states and are credentialed and in good standing with a hospital may work directly with a NC hospital. The NC hospital can verify the clinician’s credentials and put them to work where needed.

Second option: Clinicians who are not credentialed with a hospital in their home states may submit an application with NCMB for an emergency disaster license. This license authorizes a volunteer clinician to practice in NC for 30 days, or until the state of emergency is officially declared over. Physicians, physician assistants, licensed perfusionists and anesthesiologist assistants may apply. There is no fee.

IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances should medical professionals self-report to any disaster site to provide assistance, as this may interfere with official disaster response efforts.

Volunteer with the American Red Cross

Donate to relief efforts

Apply for a disaster license

Prepping your medical practice for disaster