About the Board

Perfusionist Advisory Committee

The Perfusionist Advisory Committee (PAC), composed of three perfusionists, a cardiothoracic surgeon or a cardiovascular anesthesiologist, two hospital administrators and one member appointed by the Governor, is responsible for recommending to the Board the establishment of regulatory rules to determine the qualifications and fitness of applicants for licensure. The Committee is further authorized to make recommendations to the Board regarding who is granted or denied a license to practice perfusion. 

The Committee may conduct investigations into alleged violations of the Perfusion Licensure Act, and if necessary, conduct disciplinary hearings to determine the validity of any allegations that a perfusionist may have violated the Act. At the conclusion of any disciplinary hearing, the Committee may recommend to the Board that a perfusionist receive specific discipline or that the allegations be dismissed. The Board may accept, reject or modify any Committee recommendation related to the licensure or discipline of a perfusionist. The PAC currently holds meetings twice a year.