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General and Malpractice Disclaimers

General Disclaimer

The North Carolina Medical Board’s Licensee Information pages are intended as a resource for patients and others seeking information about the education, training and professional backgrounds of licensed physicians and physician assistants. Commercial use of this information is not appropriate.

Licensee Information pages contain a combination of required and optional information. Unless specifically noted, information is self-reported by licensees and is not independently verified by the Board. However, the Board will conduct periodic random audits in an effort to encourage accurate, timely reporting. Failure to provide information for a required category, or intentionally providing false or misleading information, may be considered unprofessional conduct and could subject the licensee to disciplinary action.

The following information is provided to the Licensee Information pages from the records of the NC Medical Board:
Licensee name
License number (resident training licensees have no number, but are identified as “RTL”)
Date of issue
Renewal date (aka expiration date)
Medical, osteopathic or physician assistant schools/programs attended and graduation dates
Any public action, disciplinary or otherwise, executed by the NC Medical Board.

The following information, which is required public information under NC law, is provided to the NC Medical Board by licensees:
Address and telephone number(s) of the primary practice setting. If no telephone number is provided by the licensee, the NCMB cannot provide the number upon request.

Board certifications The NC Medical Board recognizes only certifications conferred by organizations approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties or the Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists of the American Osteopathic Association.

Area(s) of practice This may or may not be the same as the licensee’s board certification. Area of practice is intended to state the licensee’s current activities.

NC hospital privileges

Medical licenses, active or inactive, issued by another state or country

Final suspensions or revocations of hospital privileges

Final disciplinary orders or actions of any regulatory board or agency, including other state medical boards, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, Medicare or the N.C. Medicaid program

Felony convictions

Certain misdemeanor convictions

Certain malpractice/professional liability insurance payment information

Licensees may choose to provide information for the following optional categories:
Practice Web address

Days licensee sees patients at the primary practice setting

Number of years in clinical practice

Participation in Medicare and Medicaid and whether new patients in these insurance programs are currently being accepted

Whether electronic medical records are used in the office setting

Non-English languages spoken in the office and by the licensee

Honors and awards

Professional volunteer service

Current faculty appointments

Professional publications

Memberships in professional organizations

Description of practice philosophy

Malpractice/Professional Liability Insurance Payment Disclaimer

A malpractice payment, also known as a professional liability insurance payment, is made as a formal resolution to a claim of medical negligence or substandard care.
The Board encourages the public to consider payment information in context and in combination with other information about the licensee’s education, training and professional experience.

When considering payment data on this site, please keep in mind:

  • The existence of a payment does not necessarily mean that negligence has occurred, or that care was substandard. Nor is a payment necessarily evidence of incompetence, misconduct or an admission of wrongdoing on the part of the licensee.
  • It often takes years for a malpractice claim to move through the legal and/or liability insurance systems.  The incident that resulted in a payment may have taken place years before the payment was made.
  • Payment histories vary by area of practice. Some licensees may have a higher-than-average incidence of payments because they specialize in treating patients who are at a high risk for problems.
  • Professional liability insurance companies sometimes settle cases because it is less costly to make a monetary settlement than it is to defend a case in court.  Many times, such cases are settled without a finding of fault or admission of negligence by the licensee.

North Carolina Medical Board Public Action associated with a payment

An important factor to consider when interpreting payment information is whether the payment is associated with a public action of the NC Medical Board. The Board reviews the quality of care associated with every payment involving a North Carolina licensee. The Board takes public action when its investigation determines patient care was below accepted and prevailing standards.

A note on how payment data is displayed on this site:

Pursuant to North Carolina law, this website publishes only settlements of $75,000 or more that occurred on or after May 1, 2008. In addition, the law requires the Board to publish a seven year history of judgments and awards. As of Dec. 1, 2009, this site published all judgments and awards since Dec. 1, 2002. Payment information will be updated over time so that the most recent seven years of data is displayed on this site.

The Board posts new payments that meet reporting criteria as quickly as possible. Dollar amounts are not published and licensee comments will not identify patients or other health care professionals.