Licensee Search

Licensee Information Search Tips

Note: When searching for a licensee on our website, it is not necessary to fill in all fields. Providing the last and first name only may yield better results. Please read below for more help in using the Licensee Search function on our website.

Case Sensitive
The search fields are not case sensitive.  You can use capital or lowercase letters and receive the same results.

City or County

If you are looking for a practitioner in a specific city or county, type in the name of the city or county.

Enter the licensee’s last name and, if known, first name. Please note you can search with at least three letters in last name followed by an asterisk (*) and a first name initial followed by an asterisk (*).

Non Commercial use
This website is intended for non commercial use of the general public only. Commercial users may be blocked.

The fewer search parameters entered the more results you will receive.
You can search by Name, City, County, Specialty, License Type or License Status, or By License or Approval Number.

Partial Names
Searches that only contain partial names must include an asterisk (*) and must include at least three letters in the name.

Results - too many
If your search results in too many names, try entering more letters of the last name or try entering more criteria such as county or city.

Results - none
If the licensee you are searching for is not found, try entering only the first three letters of the licensee’s last name followed by an asterisk (*).

If you are searching for a licensee who practices in a specific field, use Area of Practice to find a licensee with that medical specialty.

If you are not sure how to spell a name, type the first few letters followed by an asterisk (*).  You will get the names of all licensees whose names begin with those letters.  Example: for “Johnsen” or “Johnson” you would type “Joh*”