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Revised position statement: Unprofessional Behavior Within the Healthcare Team

Discussion Ended on 04/26/2019

NCMB's Policy Committee recently reviewed and revised an existing position statement, "Collaborative care within the healthcare team," which was originally adopted by the Board in January 2010. Feedback will be accepted through close of business on Friday, April 26.

Revisions include:

  • Updates title to "Unprofessional Behavior Within the Healthcare Team" to more accurately reflect the content of the position statement.
  • Adds sexual harrassment and inappropriate physical contact to the list of behaviors considered to be disruptive.
  • Specifically references symptoms of work-related burnout as a factor that may negatively impact clinician performance and conduct.

Review the full text of the revised position statement under "References" below.



I concur with Dr. Palagruto’s comment that the Board should accentuate the positive.  The Board could call this statement “Professional Behavior Within the Healthcare Team.” It could also add a description of good professional behavior before launching into its description of disruptive behavior.  That said, the Board has to be as clear as it can be about what is disruptive behavior, since this sort of behavior can be grounds for discipline.  Thus, the final sentence of the third paragraph would be better if it included the words “seriously or repeatedly” and said, “Behavior by a licensee that is seriously or repeatedly disruptive may also constitute grounds for Board discipline.”  I also believe that, with these three words added, the sentence better reflects the way the Board actually looks at such cases.

By Steven M. Shaber on Apr 4th, 2019 at 10:23am

Statement is quite negative, starting with the title. Most primary care healthcare providers spend much of their day trying to engender positive behavioral health changes in people. Listing negative behaviors and the potential negative consequences of such behaviors (grounds for further inquiry…grounds for Board discipline…) may be an effective way to write criminal laws, but perhaps not the best way to encourage good team dynamics.
The statement would be more effective if it encouraged the behaviors that are desired. Those that create great teams - respect, courtesy, ability to listen, trust, constructive criticism and encouragement. Can use specific negative examples to demonstrate how these actions undermine the team concept by harming individual team members and weakening the whole team’s effort to provide great care. Also use spell check prior to publishing. Best of luck. DAP

By Domenic Palagruto on Apr 2nd, 2019 at 12:54am