About the Board

Become a Board Member

NCMB is not directly involved in the Board Member selection process. However, the Board has a vested interested in attracting dedicated individuals to serve the people of North Carolina and the medical profession.

Under North Carolina law, up to 10 clinicians may hold Board seats: eight physicians, one physician assistant and one nurse practitioner. The remaining three seats are held by members of the public with no ties to the health care industry, giving the Board a total of 13 members.

Board Members are appointed by the Governor. Physicians, PAs and NPs must apply according to a process established by state law (N.C. Gen. Stat. ยง 90-2 and 90-3), which requires interested parties to apply to an independent panel that nominates candidates for the Governor’s consideration.

Board Members participate in bimonthly meetings as well as disciplinary hearings, which are held up to six times per year depending on caseload. Board Members spend about 20 hours preparing for each meeting or hearing. In addition, many Board Members contribute articles to the Board’s quarterly newsletter and present to medical students, residents, professional meetings, community groups and other audiences as part of their work on the Board. Board Members are appointed to three-year terms and may serve up to two consecutive terms.

Visit the website of the Review Panel for the North Carolina Medical Board for more information.

By law, NCMB has three public members. One is appointed at the discretion of the Governor and two are appointed by the General Assembly upon the recommendations of the Speaker and President Pro Tempore.