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Meeting Summary

The Meeting Summary provides brief descriptions of selected actions taken by the NC Medical Board during its most recent meeting or hearing. Actions are listed by committee, where applicable.

For a full account of the Board’s proceedings please check the meeting minutes, which are posted approximately two months after the meeting date. You can subscribe to our Meeting Minutes RSS feed to be notified when the minutes are posted.

Summary of the Board Meeting held Nov. 14-16, 2018

Diversity Workgroup

Diversity Training – The Board approved the workgroup’s recommendation to direct NCMB’s Human Resources manager to identify options for training around Unintentional Bias and Diversity & Inclusion. This training would be for both the Board Members and Staff. The targeted time frame for the training would be May 2019.

Executive Committee

Appointment of a Physicians Health Program Compliance Committee Member - The Board approved the Committee’s recommendation to delegate the authority to appoint a NCMB representative to the NCPHP Compliance Committee to the Board President. The term for the current NCMB representative, Karen Gerancher, MD, expires December 31, 2018. Staff are in the process of identifying possible replacements.

NCMB office space – NCMB will soon outgrow its current office space and has spent the past year or so evaluating options to obtain office space that will better meet the organization’s needs over time. The Board approved the Executive Team’s recommendation for the Board pursue the following office space options concurrently: (1) identify a parcel of land to build a new building, and (2) identify an existing building to renovate.

Outreach Committee

Public and professional outreach totals – NCMB expects to end the year having delivered 41 presentations to professional audiences (physicians, PAs, and other medical professionals and/or stakeholders involved in the delivery of healthcare) and 22 presentations and other contacts with community groups. Outreach will remain a priority for the Board in 2019. NCMB is currently in the process of developing new presentations to provide relevant information to its audiences. Schedule a presentation by emailing .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Safe medication storage/disposal tearsheets available – The Board reviewed the final product of a collaborative effort to produce consumer information on safe medication disposal that can be provided to prescribers to give to patients. United Healthcare paid to print 15,000 pads, most of which have been claimed by stakeholder organizations that will help distribute them to prescribers for use with their patients. NCMB is providing the safe disposal pads free of charge to licensees upon request and, so far, has mailed them out to more than 20 private practices. Find a downloadable version of the tearsheet at http://www.ncmedboard.org/safestorage

Policy Committee

Clinician obligation to sign death certificates – The Board approved the Committee’s decision to gather additional feedback from the NC Office of the Medical Examiner before making a final decision to adopt a draft position statement on the Clinician obligation to sign certificates of death. The Committee also reviewed feedback received from licensees and directed staff to make revisions based on some of the comments and suggestions received. View feedback and read the draft position statement here: https://www.ncmedboard.org/about-the-board/latest-board-activity/archived-policy-discussions/archived-policy-discussion-detail/clinician-obligation-to-sign-death-certificates The Committee will resume consideration of the proposed position statement at the January 2019 Board Meeting.