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Meeting Summary

The Meeting Summary provides brief descriptions of selected actions taken by the NC Medical Board during its most recent meeting or hearing. Actions are listed by committee, where applicable.

For a full account of the Board’s proceedings please check the meeting minutes, which are posted approximately two months after the meeting date. You can subscribe to our Meeting Minutes RSS feed to be notified when the minutes are posted.

Summary of the Board Meeting held July 18-19, 2018

Advanced Practice Practitioner and Allied Health Committee

PAC call for applicants extended – To date, the Board has received just one application to fill the open seat on the Perfusionist Advisory Committee. The Board approved the committee’s recommendation to extend the application period to September 1, 2018.

Executive Committee

Selected fee increases – The Board approved the committee’s recommendation to increase certain license renewal fees, corporation fees and fees for services provided by NCMB. The Board will pursue rule changes, as needed, to increase the following fees: PA and Anesthesiology Assistant license and renewal fees, initial application, renewal and other fees for Professional Corporations and Limited Liability Companies, license verification fees, roster report fees, and DataLiNC subscription fees.

Paperless CME verification pilot program – The Board voted to accept an invitation from the American Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to participate in a pilot program that would allow NC-licensed physicians to give CME providers permission to share the following information with ACCME: name, day/month of DOB, NPI number and/or NCMB license number, learning activity description and number of Category 1 hours earned. Physicians participating in this program who are randomly selected by NCMB for a CME compliance check would not need to submit documentation to the Board. Instead, NCMB would verify compliance directly with ACCME. Physicians who do not participate with the ACCME pilot program would be required to submit documentation as per NCMB’s usual protocol, if selected for a CME compliance check.

2018-2019 Officers elected – The Board voted to approve the Executive Committee’s recommended slate of candidates the upcoming budget year. In accordance with NCMB bylaws, the Board’s current President-Elect, Barbara A. Walker, DO, will automatically become president as of Nov. 1, 2018, and the current President, Timothy E. Lietz, MD, will serve as Immediate Past President. The Board elected the following Board Members to serve in the following roles as of Nov. 1, 2018. Together, all five individuals serve on the Board’s Executive Committee.

President-Elect: Bryant A. Murphy, MD
Secretary/Treasurer: Venkata R. Jonnalagadda, MD
Executive Committee Member-at-Large: A. Wayne Holloman

Full Board

Revised mission statement – The Board approved a revised mission statement for the Board, as well as a vision statement and organizational values. They are as follows:

Mission statement
The North Carolina Medical Board protects the people of North Carolina, and the integrity of the medical profession, through just and vigilant licensing and regulation.

Vision statement
NCMB will be a proactive and progressive leader that addresses emerging challenges in medicine.

Core Values

1. Integrity: We are committed to acting honestly, ethically, and impartially

2. Excellence: We strive to deliver the highest quality work, and superior service

3. Accountability: We accept responsibility for our actions, and disclose results in a transparent manner

4. Progressive: We rise to meet the organization’s changing needs with a spirit of creativity, inclusion and innovation

License Committee

Removal of mental/physical health question – In 2017, NCMB removed the question on the physician license renewal questionnaire that asked licensees to disclose mental health or medical conditions that may impact their ability to practice safely. This was done in part because the question rarely yielded actionable information and in part because NCMB does not wish to deter licensees who are considering seeking treatment for a mental health or medical condition from obtaining care, simply because they are afraid to disclose this to the Board. At the July meeting, the Board approved the License Committee’s recommendation that a similar question asking applicants to disclose mental health or medical diagnoses within the last five years be removed from the physician license application. As has been done on the license renewal questionnaire, the mental/medical health question will be replaced with the following statement:

Important: The Board recognizes that licensees encounter health conditions, including those involving mental health and substance use disorders, just as their patients and other health care providers do. The Board expects its licensees to address their health concerns and ensure patients safety. Options include seeking medical care, self-limiting the licensee’s medical practice, and anonymously self-referring to the North Carolina Physicians Health Program (http://www.ncphp.org), a physician advocacy organization dedicated to improving the health and wellness of medical professionals in a confidential manner.

The Failure to adequately address a health condition, where the licensee is unable to practice medicine with reasonable skill and safety to patients, can result in the board taking action against the license to practice medicine.

I have read and understood the above advisory and acknowledge same by answering “Yes.”

Policy Committee

Composite position statement on medical records – The Board approved the committee’s recommendation to adopt a new position statement entitled, MEDICAL RECORDS – Documentation, Electronic Health Records, Access, and Retention. The new position statement replaces three older position statements: Access to medical records, Medical record documentation, and Retention of medical records.

Draft position statement – The Board approved plans to seek feedback on a proposed position statement on the licensee obligation to sign death certificates. The proposed position statement was drafted as an educational tool for licensees that may help to settle disputes and prevent delays in completion of death certificates. NCMB will seek feedback on the proposed position statement and report back to the Board, which will consider comments and suggestions before voting to approve a final version. The Board is also exploring possible changes to state law that would provide immunity to physicians who sign a Certificate of Death.