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Meeting Summary

The Meeting Summary provides brief descriptions of selected actions taken by the NC Medical Board during its most recent meeting or hearing. Actions are listed by committee, where applicable.

For a full account of the Board’s proceedings please check the meeting minutes, which are posted approximately two months after the meeting date. You can subscribe to our Meeting Minutes RSS feed to be notified when the minutes are posted.

September 20-22, 2017

Advanced Practice Practitioner and Allied Health Committee

PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT ADVISORY MEETING (PAAM) – Those assembled discussed the proposed rule, 21 NCAC 32S .0225, which defines “consultation” between a physician assistant and his or her primary supervising physician prior to prescribing controlled substances for the treatment of pain as required of PAs and/or nurse practitioners practicing in pain clinics per the Strengthen Opioid Misuse Prevention (STOP) Act of 2017. This provision of the STOP Act was effective July 1. The Board tentatively adopted the rule, which much be finally approved by the NC Rules Review Commission. The proposed rule reads as follows:

21 NCAC 32S .0225

For purposes of N.C. Gen. Stat. § 90-18.1(b), the term “consult” shall mean a meaningful communication, either in person or electronically, between the physician assistant and a supervising physician that is documented in the patient medical record. For purposes of this Rule, “meaningful communication” shall mean an exchange of information that allows the supervising physician to make a determination that the prescription is medically indicated.

Appointment to the Perfusionist Advisory Committee – The Board voted to appoint Sally Paul, CCP, LP, and Greg Griffin, CCP, LP, to the Perfusionist Advisory Committee.

Executive Committee

Appointment of NCMB Representative to the NCMB Review Panel: The NCMB Review Panel reviews candidates for certain positions on the Board and makes recommendations to the Governor. The Review Panel consists of nine members including a public member of the Medical Board. The Board voted to reappoint Mr. A. Wayne Holloman to serve as the Board’s representative to the NCMB Review Panel during 2018.

2018 Fiscal Year budget approved: The Board approved NCMB’s $11 million operating budget for the 2018 budget year, which begins Nov. 1.

Policy Committee

Establishing a standard for medical records retention: The Committee discussed the existing Board position statement entitled, “Retention of Medical Records”. The Board approved the Committee’s recommendation to have staff revise the position statement to incorporate a specific Board standard regarding a finite timeline for record retention and bring back for Committee review in November 2017.

Updating Capital Punishment position statement: The Committee discussed the genesis and philosophy behind the original Capital Punishment position statement. It was noted that revisions to incorporate North Carolina legislative updates and changes to the American Medical Association Code of Ethics are needed. The Board approved the Committee recommendation to direct to revised the position statement to include references to N.C. General Statute § 15-188.1 and American Medical Association 9.7.3. The position will be reviewed again the November 2017 Board meeting.

Position statements reviewed: The Committee reviewed two existing position statements, and the Board approved the Committee’s recommendation to approve the positions with no changes. The two position statements reviewed are: "Professional Obligations Pertaining to Incompetence, Impairment, and Unethical Conduct of Healthcare Providers" and "Unethical Agreements in Complaint Settlements".

Outreach Committee

Digital supplement to Forum newsletter: The Board reviews a mockup of new digital (email only) supplement to the quarterly Forum newsletter, which will provide news and updates to licensees between issues. The Communications Department will send two digital supplement emails, one in December and one in March 2018, and monitor licensee response and feedback to assess whether the supplement should be offered on an ongoing basis. The email only supplement will be promoted in the Fall 2017 issue of the printed and digital Forum to inform readers and give print readers the opportunity to sign up to receive the email supplement.

STOP Act flyer: The Board reviewed a new one page STOP Act summary flyer developed by the Communications Department. The flyer is available at http://www.ncmedboard.org/safeopioids The Board discussed the need for NCMB to develop specific guidance on certain provisions of the Act, such as the provision related to limitations on initial prescriptions for post-operative pain. The Board directed staff to continue accepting questions from licensees and stakeholders and develop prepared FAQs as needed.