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Meeting Summary

The Meeting Summary provides brief descriptions of selected actions taken by the NC Medical Board during its most recent meeting or hearing. Actions are listed by committee, where applicable.

For a full account of the Board’s proceedings please check the meeting minutes, which are posted approximately two months after the meeting date. You can subscribe to our Meeting Minutes RSS feed to be notified when the minutes are posted.

Summary of the Board Meeting held July 19-21, 2017

Controlled Substances CME Planning Committee

Standardized content for upcoming CS CME: The Board approved the Committee’s decision to develop standardized content for upcoming controlled substances CME session to be co-presented with Wake AHEC. The Board will develop core presentation to be delivered at each session and establish a “train-the-trainer” program to ensure consistent delivery of the content. Additional plans include training a core group of moderators to lead sessions in their regions and reducing the number of presenters to two or three panelists to ensure material can be covered in the allotted time. The Committee also affirmed a strategy of continuing to hold panels in rural areas while also partnering with hospitals to offer the CME sessions in urban areas/large prescriber groups.

Executive Committee

Election of 2017-2018 officers: Pursuant to the NCMB Bylaws, the Board elected a slate of officers and an at-large member for the upcoming year (beginning November 1). The Board voted to elect the following:

President-Elect: Barbara E. Walker, DO
Secretary/Treasurer: Bryant A. Murphy, MD
Member-at-Large: A. Wayne Holloman

The Board’s current President-Elect, Timothy E. Lietz, MD, will automatically assume the role of Board President effective November 1, in accordance with the NCMB Bylaws.

Change to Board Hearing schedule: The Board voted to cease holding hearings in the months of April and August, beginning in 2018. A historical analysis of hearing activity found that NCMB rarely needs to hold more than four hearings per year. In years past, NCMB often canceled its April and August hearings due to a lack of contested cases to be heard. The Board was advised that the cost of canceling both hearing months is approximately $17,000.

Proposed rule changes: The Board approved plans to adopt administrative rules to clarify when licensees who qualify for certain exemptions related to continuing medical education (CME) must comply the new CME requirement for controlled substances prescribers. The proposed rules will make clear that the following licensees ARE responsible for completing the required CME, if they prescribe controlled substances:
• Residents who have a full license rather than a RTL, and
• Physicians getting their initial board certification or doing MOC who are deemed to have satisfied the general CME requirements

Draft rules will be prepared for Board review at the September Board meeting.

Policy Committee

New position statement: The Board approved a new position statement entitled Policy for the Use of Audio or Visual Recordings in Patient Care. The Board appreciates the feedback received from interested parties – this input helps ensure that position statements are clear and relevant to licensees. NOTE: all position statements can be reached from the home page. Find “Resources” in the bottom left corner of the home page and select “Find a position statement”.

Revised position statement: The Board approved a revised version of the position statement entitled Treatment of Obesity. The revised version includes new language addressing the inappropriate use of phentermine.

Revised position statement: The Board approved a revised version of the position statement entitled Medical Record Documentation. The revised statement includes a new section that provides guidance on appropriate and effective use of electronic health records.

Outreach Committee

Digital supplement to Forum newsletter: The Board approved plans for a digital (email only) supplement to the quarterly Forum newsletter, which will provide news and updates to licensees between issues. The Board directed staff to launch a pilot program; the Communications Department will send two digital supplements, monitor licensee response and feedback and assess the information to determine whether the supplement should be continued. The email only supplement will be promoted in an upcoming issue of the printed and digital Forum to inform readers and give print readers the opportunity to sign up to receive the email supplement.

Consumer e-newsletter: The Board approved the Communications Department’s plans to develop a free e-newsletter for the general public. The purpose of the e-newsletter is to educate patients and the public about NCMB’s mission and responsibilities, with an emphasis on resources and services available to the public.