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Meeting Summary

The Meeting Summary provides brief descriptions of selected actions taken by the NC Medical Board during its most recent meeting or hearing. Actions are listed by committee, where applicable.

For a full account of the Board’s proceedings please check the meeting minutes, which are posted approximately two months after the meeting date. You can subscribe to our Meeting Minutes RSS feed to be notified when the minutes are posted.

November 15-16, 2017

Advanced Practice Practitioner and Allied Health Committee

PA audit results - The Board accepted a report on the 2017 PA Site Visit audit program. NCMB annually conducts random reviews to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, rules and policies.

Rule changes - The Board accepted the committee’s recommendation to proceed with two different sets of rule changes. Changes to 21 NCAC 32M .0117 will set investigative criteria for NPs consistent with criteria in place for physicians and Pas investigated through NCMB’s Safe Opioid Prescribing Initiative. Changes to 21 NCAC 32M.0118 will define consultation between an NP and his or her primary supervising physician for the purpose of complying with the STOP Act. The Act requires NPs PAs practicing in pain clinics to consult with their supervisors before issuing a prescription for a Schedule II or Schedule III opioid where treatment is expected to last 30 or more days.

Controlled Substances CME Planning Committee

Vetting process for panelists: The Board was informed that staff have developed a vetting process, in conjunction with OMD and the Legal Department, to evaluate clinicians interested in serving as CS CME presenters. The process ensures that individuals are suitably knowledgeable in the field and screens out individuals with regulatory history with NCMB. To date, staff have vetted more than 45 physicians and PAs from across the state. Staff will continue to seek physician support for future panel sessions through the Forum and through community partners.

Executive Committee

NCPHP Compliance Committee - The Board voted to appoint Peggy Robinson, PA-C, to the NCPHP Compliance Committee for a two-year term.

Outreach Committee

Record Outreach in 2017 - The Board received a report on professional outreach during 2017. NCMB is on track to end the year with a total of 53 presentations to professional audiences. This is a new record. Physician groups accounted for the largest number of presentations, although NCMB also reached numerous hospital/health system audiences and PA schools. Opioids was by far the most requested topic, driven by licensee interest in the new CS CME requirement, the Safe Opioids Prescribing Initiative, the STOP Act and NCMB’s stance on opioid prescribing.

Safe disposal of Rx drugs - The Committee was briefed on a pending project to develop an information sheet on safe disposal of unwanted prescription drugs. NCMB is working with Project Lazarus, which has obtained grant funding, on this initiative. NCMB has agreed to design a sheet that can be bound into pads and distributed to prescribers, who would tear off individual sheets to give to patients who are prescribed opioids and other prescriptions that may result in “leftover” medicine. Project Lazarus’ grant will pay for printing costs. NCMB believes there will be strong interest in this resource, because of strong interest in preventing diversion and misuse and because the STOP Act requires hospice and palliative care providers to give both oral and written information on safe disposal of unwanted, unused medications to patients and their loved ones. NCMB has had some preliminary conversations with hospice and palliative care organizations about providing a version of the drug disposal sheet developed for use by hospice and palliative providers.

Policy Committee

Introductory position statement - The Board accepted the committee’s recommendation to approve the continued using the statement entitled, "What Are the Position Statements of the Board and to Whom Do They Apply?" as written. Upon review, the committee found the statement to be a good overview of how position statements should be used by licensees and stakeholders and did not feel there is a need for revisions at present.

Nonmaterial revisions to Capital Punishment position – The Board accepted the committee’s recommendation to make the position statement more concise by replacing the full text of AMA Code 9.7.3 with a hyperlink and by adding a hyperlink to N.C. Gen. Stat. § 15-188.1.

Word change: The Board approved the committee’s recommendation to use the word “gender” in place of the word “sex” in bullet point two of the position statement entitled, "Guidelines for Avoiding Misunderstandings During Physical Examinations".