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Compliance and Monitoring

The Compliance and Monitoring Section of the Board tracks licensee compliance with and facilitates the completion of requirements, restrictions, conditions, or limitations imposed by the Board. These are frequently found in interim letters, public letters of concern, consent orders and final orders.

If you are a licensee currently under compliance or monitoring, or an associated third-party (e.g., monitor, mentor, treatment, or examination provider) you may submit reports and other required documents via the email addresses listed below.



Compliance: When the Board tracks compliance with an Order for Examination or interim action. These actions are usually more short-term.

Monitoring: When the Board monitors requirements, restrictions, or conditions in final actions. These actions are usually longer-term.

Investigation: When the Board conducts an investigation to determine compliance. This encompasses both interim and final actions.

Compliance and Monitoring FAQs

Forms List:

Consent Order Acknowledgement Form
CME and Remediation Course List

CME Approval Request Form

FSMB Remediation List

Practice Site Approval Request Form
Practice Site Approval Request: Reentry Agreement Form
Supervisor Approval Request Form

Chaperone Acknowledgement Form
Fitness to Practice Provider Approval Request Form

NCMB Preceptor Chart Review Form
Relief of Consent Order Request Form