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September-October 2022 Digital Forum

In this issue of the Forum, outgoing NCMB President John W. Rusher, MD, JD, reflects on how NCMB has “leaned in” to its vision of being a proactive and progressive leader, we announce Board officers for 2022-23 and celebrate the appointment of a new physician member, as well as the reappointments of two sitting physician Board Members. Also, NCMB participates in PA Appreciation Week with its October 2022 podcast.


Past Issues

July-August 2022 Digital Forum

In this issue of the Forum, NCMB President John W. Rusher, MD, discusses how the Board’s innovative medical and PA education outreach aims to help the next generation avoid regulatory problems and NCMB announces its Board officers for the upcoming year. Listen to the latest MedBoard Matters podcast episode and find out how getting more patients with opioid use disorder on medication to treat addiction can help turn the tide on overdose deaths and study up on Monkeypox. Also, the latest installment of the Board Actions Report covers public adverse actions taken during the months of May and June 2022.

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May-June 2022 Digital Forum

In this issue of the Forum, NCMB reaches out to encourage holdouts to register with the NC Controlled Substances Reporting System and we review proper procedure for dismissing patients from care. Don’t forget - death certificates must be submitted online now, and paper copies of the 2021 NCMB Annual Report are now available upon request.

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March-April 2022 Digital Forum

In this issue of the Forum, Board President John W. Rusher, MD, urges licensees who are struggling with substance use or mental health issues not to delay seeking help and we proudly announce that the 2021 NCMB Annual Report is now available. The application period is still open for three physician seats on NCMB, most emergency temporary licenses issued to boost the state’s supply of medical professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic are now inactive and, in case you missed it, we interviewed NC DHHS Sec. Kody Kinsley on NCMB’s podcast, MedBoard Matters.

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January-February 2022 Digital Forum

In this issue of the Forum, we shine a light on cultural competence in medicine. NCMB recently amended its CME rules to specify that courses in cultural competence and implicit bias count as “practice relevant”. Listen to our latest podcast to learn how practicing with greater cultural humility can help you become a better clinician. A big thank you to licensees who contributed to NCPHP scholarships and - check that email - NCMB is now a paperless organization.

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