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October 2018 - Bimonthly e-Forum

In October 2018, NCMB switched to bimonthly delivery of its electronic newsletter. The Board will continue to public print editions biannually, a Fall/Winter issue and a Spring/Summer issue.


Past Issues

Forum, Spring-Summer 2018

The Spring-Summer 2018 Forum includes Dr. Timothy E. Lietz’s President’s Message on getting to the causes of physician burnout, the Board’s opioid investigative program marking two years, highlights from the 2017 program year, five questions with Board Member Jerri Patterson, NP, and much more.

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Forum, Winter 2018

The Winter 2018 Forum includes information on the STOP Act’s prescribing limits for acute pain, the 2017 position statement review, Dr. Timothy E. Lietz’s inaugural President’s Message where he discusses NCMB’s mission being more than patient protection, five questions with Public Board Member Shawn P. Parker, the Wellspring article from NCPHP on accepting role reversal: when the doctor becomes the patient, and much more.

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Forum, Fall 2017

The Fall 2017 Forum includes protocols for co-prescribing naloxone, Board member appointments, Dr. Eleanor E. Greene discussing the Board making public outreach a priority in her final President’s Message, five questions with Board Member Dr. Venkata Jonnalagadda, a new column in the Forum from NCPHP called Wellspring, a Q&A on licensee obligation to complete death certificates, and a timeline of the PA profession which celebrates 50 years of serving patients.

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Forum, Summer 2017

The Summer 2017 Forum includes a “quick start” guide to the STOP Act of 2017, addressing burnout from a doctor’s perspective, a Message From the President from Dr. Greene discussing caring for pain patients in the midst of mounting opioids regulation, five questions with Board Member Ralph W. Walker, JD, an article on revised opioids investigative criteria now in effect, and a call for panelists to participate in statewide series of panel discussions on responsible opioid prescribing practices.

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