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NC Medical Practice Act

The Medical Practice Act (MPA) is chapter 90 of the NC General Statute on medicine and allied health occupations. Chapter 90 is the law that governs the practice of medicine in the state of North Carolina.

Session Law 2019-191 updated and modernized several provisions of Chapter 90 that pertain to the Medical Board. Click here to read the changes.

NC Medical Practice Act

Corporations and Limited Liability Companies
NC Professional Corporations Act (NCGS 55B)
Professional Limited Liability Company Act (NCGS 57D-2-02)

Prescription Laws
Drug laws, rules, and regulations are constantly changing. Any attempt to summarize them would quickly become outdated. Because of that, the Board encourages practitioners who seek guidance on prescribing procedures to refer to the sources listed below in addition to the Board’s position statements, rules and Medical Practice Act.

North Carolina Board of Pharmacy (NCBOP) (which offers the state’s pharmacy laws and rules, and links to the Code of Federal Regulations)
NCBOP Web Site:

North Carolina General Statutes
General Web Site:
See: North Carolina Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act: 106-133 & 106-134
See: North Carolina Pharmacy Practice Act, Article 4A: 90-85-85.41
See: North Carolina Controlled Substances Act, Article 5: 90-86 & 90-113.8
See: Use of controlled substances to render one mentally incapacitated or physically helpless: 14-401.16

Federal Laws
U.S. Code, Title 21, Food & Drugs
Controlled Substances Schedules
Drug Enforcement Administration Diversion Control Program -

Other Resources
Prescribers’ Digital Reference

Reportable Disease Laws
North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics | Cancer Registry
NC General Statute is Chapter 130A, Article 7, Part 1
NC Administrative Code 10A NCAC 47B

Epidemiology | Communicable Diseases
NC General Statute Chapter is 130A, Article 6
NC Administrative Code 10A NCAC 41A