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Aug 30 2019

NC Public Health officials warn of lung disease after “vaping”

 Categories:  Clinical Update The North Carolina Division of Public Health has issued guidance to assist clinicians with identifying, managing and reporting instances of severe pulmonary disease following use… Read More…
May 10 2009

Stay informed about H1N1 influenza

 Categories:  Clinical Update, Featured on the Home Page The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has established an extensive collection of resources and information on novel H1N1 influenza - formerly referred to… Read More…
Dec 31 2008

State rule changes encourage routine HIV testing

 Categories:  Clinical Update HIV/AIDS specialists and public health leaders fear that clinicians are overlooking a powerful tool in the fight against the disease: routine HIV testing.
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Dec 31 2008

Unbiased info on drug marketing practices: FSMB Web portal gives prescribers easy access to new CME

 Categories:  Clinical Update A new Web-based tool provides U.S. physicians with access to free, accredited CME courses about pharmaceutical industry marketing techniques and their effect on prescribing practices.… Read More…