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Oct 23 2020

COVID-19 prescribing rules amended

NCMB has issued orders to remove the drugs Tamiflu (oseltamivir) and azithromycin from administrative rules that set restrictions on medications prescribed for the treatment of COVID-19.

Please note that the rules do not prohibit any treating provider from prescribing any medication he or she believes may benefit a patient with COVID-19, as long as that patient has been diagnosed with the illness. The rule do prohibit the prescribing of certain medications to patients who do not have presumed or confirmed COVID-19, but wish to have medicine on hand in case they become ill.

The remaining restricted medications are:

(1) Hydroxychloroquine;
(2) Chloroquine;
(3) Lopinavir-ritonavir;
(4) Ribavirin; and
(5) Darunavir

Read the order amending prescribing rules for physicians and PAs.

Read the order amending prescribing rules for nurse practitioner.

Read the amended prescribing rules.