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Sep 12 2018

NCMB approves emergency licensure policy in advance of Hurricane Florence

NCMB today approved an emergency policy that will allow physicians, PAs and certain other medical professionals not currently licensed in North Carolina to practice in the state during a declared state of emergency. These measures are intended to get needed medical expertise into affected North Carolina communities as quickly as possible. IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances should medical professionals self-report to any disaster site to provide assistance.

There are two pathways to temporary NC licensure under the emergency policy:

First (and best) option: Physicians and PAs who hold full, unrestricted licenses in their home states and are currently credentialed and in good standing with a hospital can report to any licensed North Carolina hospital. The receiving hospital will check the credentials of the clinician reporting for duty and put the clinician to work where needed. This hospital-to-hospital credentialing method is modeled on a practice developed in Texas to deal with tremendous need for medical services in the wake of Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

Second option: Clinicians who are not affiliated with a hospital in their home states may submit emergency license applications online via NCMB’s website. An emergency disaster license will permit the clinician to practice in NC for a period of 30 days, or until the state of emergency is officially declared over. Emergency licenses are available for physicians, PAS, licensed perfusionists and anesthesiology assistants and are offered at no cost.

Emergency licensing policy for physicians

Emergency licensing policy for physician assistants

NOTE: The provisions described above are separate from and in addition to emergency provisions currently managed by the state Office of Emergency Medical Services (NCOEMS). NCOEMS has an established network and process for bringing medical assistance into NC, if needed.

Again, volunteers should never self-report to provide assistance. If you wish to volunteer, register with the American Red Cross or inquire with a NC hospital. The Red Cross is seeking volunteers living in eastern NC, South Carolina and Virginia to assist in areas affected by Hurricane Florence.

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