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Mar 31 2020

Emergency reassignments for PAs

NCMB has waived paperwork requirements for physician assistants who are temporarily reassigned to a new practice area within a hospital, health system or multi-specialty group during the COVID-19 pandemic. This will allow facilities to meet critical staffing needs without the administrative burden of notifying NCMB of new supervisory arrangements.

The Board issued an order to authorize this temporary accommodation following an emergency meeting on March 27.

The supervising physician and facility administration should ensure the PA:

•  Is reassigned to perform only those medical tasks for which he or she is competent and qualified to do
•  Has reasonable and immediate access to a physician, either in person or electronically, should medical issues arise
•  Complies with all applicable rules including the requirement to confer at least monthly with a physician to ensure meaningful supervision and quality assurance within the new practice setting.

After the declared state of emergency has been lifted, any PA who continues practicing in the new setting is expected to file a new intent to practice and updating his or her supervisory arrangements within thirty days.

NCMB is working with stakeholders to identify opportunities to ease administrative burdens and licensing barriers where possible and appropriate. Visit for more information on NCMB’s COVID-19 response.