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Revised position statement: Licensee Use of Innovative or Novel Therapies

Discussion Ended on

The North Carolina Medical Board approved a draft revision of its position statement entitled “Licensee Use of Innovative or New Treatment” and is seeking feedback from licensees and other stakeholders before finally approving it. Comments and suggestions must be received by April 28 at 5 p.m. 

The draft position is below. A copy of the current position statement is provided under Resources. 

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Conflicts in the Healthcare Setting

Discussion Ended on 03/02/2024

The Policy Committee of the North Carolina Medical Board has developed a proposed position statement to offer guidance to licensees on de-escalating potentially contentious or volatile situations with patients or family members. This is an emerging issue for medical professionals. NCMB's most recent licensee survey, conducted in August 2023, found that nearly one in respondents had either experienced or witnessed a violent incident with patients within the last year. 

Feedback and suggestions regarding the proposed position statement will be accepted through close of business on Friday, March 1. 

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Updated and expanded: Telemedicine position statement

Discussion Ended on 04/27/2023

NCMB's Policy Committee is seeking feedback on its recently updated and expanded position statement on Telemedicine. 

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Proposed position statement: Licensee Employment

Discussion Ended on 10/27/2022

The Policy Committee of the North Carolina Medical Board has created a proposed position statement entitled “Licensee Employment” to provide guidance to licensees who are employed by hospitals, health systems or other entities.

Click “View Details” below to read the proposed position statement.

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Under review: Office-Based Procedures Position Statement

Discussion Ended on 08/14/2021

The Policy Committee of the NC Medical Board is in the process of reviewing the Office-Based Procedures position statement and is seeking input from stakeholders around the state. If you or the entity you represent are interested in providing input on this position statement, please submit comments by Friday, August 13, 2021.

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Updated and revised position on Writing of Prescriptions

Discussion Ended on 10/30/2020

The Board is considering revisions to its existing position statement entitled, “Writing of Prescriptions”. Please read the proposed version below and provide your feedback by leaving a comment. Feedback on the proposed version will be accepted through 5:00 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 30.

To read the current version of Writing of Prescriptions click below and scroll to the bottom of the page to the References section.

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Draft position statement: Child Maltreatment

Discussion Ended on 11/01/2019

The Board recently drafted a revision to its position statement entitled “Child maltreatment”. The position is updated to state that licensees who report suspected child maltreatment in good faith are granted criminal and civil immunity by state law. The Board will accept feedback on the proposed revision through close of business on Nov. 1, 2019.

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Draft position statement: Physician Practice Drift

Discussion Ended on 10/25/2019

NCMB recently drafted a revision to its position statement on practice drift (e.g. practicing in an area outside of one’s formal postgraduate training) and will accept comments on the revised version through close of business on Oct. 25.

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Licensee Use of Innovative or New Treatment

Discussion Ended on 08/23/2019

NCMB is considering adopting a new position statement entitlted Licensee Use of Innovative or New Treatment.

The Board will accept feedback on the proprosed position statement through close of business on Friday, Aug. 23.

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Revised position statement: Unprofessional Behavior Within the Healthcare Team

Discussion Ended on 04/26/2019

NCMB's Policy Committee recently reviewed and revised an existing position statement, "Collaborative care within the healthcare team," which was originally adopted by the Board in January 2010. NCMB will accept public feedback on the revised position statement through close of business on Friday, April 26.

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Proposed updates to NCMB’s position statement on Telemedicine

Discussion Ended on 03/04/2019

NCMB’s Policy Committee recently reviewed and revised the Board’s position statement on telemedicine.

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Guidelines for Avoiding Misunderstandings During Patient Encounters and Physical Examinations

Discussion Ended on 03/04/2019

Review the recently revised position statement on avoiding misunderstandings during patient encounters and physical examinations, and provide your feedback to the Board.

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Rule changes to increase PA license renewal and application fees

Discussion Ended on 12/14/2018

NCMB is pursuing rule changes that will increase physician assistant license renewal and license application fees. NCMB has not increased fees for PAs since 2005. ​

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Clinician obligation to sign death certificates

Discussion Ended on 10/21/2018

When physicians (or other medical professionals authorized to certify deaths) refuse to complete death certificates, the result is needless delays and complications with funeral arrangements, estate proceedings and other legal and personal matters important to the decedent’s loved ones. NCMB is considering a draft position statement that states its expectation for licensees to complete death certificates.

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