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Does the NCMB attest to the accuracy of information in its licensee information pages?

The Board makes every effort to ensure that accuracy of the information reported through the licensee information pages. Read this letter from the NCMB’s chief executive officer regarding the accuracy of this information.

Where can I view my current CME hours?

Your current CME hours can be accessed on our website. Log in to the NCMB’s Licensee Information Portal using your File ID# and date of birth. The tab “Preferences/CME” will allow you to view the CME hours in your current three-year cycle. If you have questions or need to make changes, please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

I am having trouble opening a Public file. I only see the first page.

The file is probably being opened by QuickTime. You need to uncheck the TIFF Mime Type in QuickTime. In QuickTime, click on: Edit, then Preferences, then QuickTime Preferences, then Browser(tab), then Mime Settings…(button), then Images - Still images files and then TIFF. This should allow you to view the entire document.

Is there a limit in the number of publications I enter on the Publications page?

Licensees are asked to limit their cited publications to peer reviewed published work; choose articles that are clearly indicative of expertise in your area of practice.

I do not have a practice address. Does this mean my home address will be published?

No, the address you select as ‘public’ will appear on our website.  If you select the practice address to be public and there is no data entered, the city and state from your home address will be posted.

I recently renewed my license, so you should have all the required information. Do I need to enter the data again for the Licensee Information pages?

No, the information you entered during the renewal process will appear on your Licensee Information Pages.  However, you have the opportunity to enter additional information on your Licensee Information Pages to market yourself and your practice.  If any required information changes, you must update that information on your Licensee Information Pages within 60 days.  A list of required information can be accessed through the Licensee Information login screen.

I would prefer that my email address not be public.  Do I need to remove this from my Address page?

No.  Email addresses will not be posted on the Board’s public website. See the note on the Address pages, which reads: “Your public address (except for email) will be visible to the public on the Board’s website.”

Where can I find my File ID number?

To retrieve your File ID number go to the Licensee Information Update log in page. On the bottom right side of this page click the “Recover File ID” button. A window will appear asking your Social Security Number and Date of Birth.

Can I provide my information over the telephone or submit it in writing?

No, you are required to enter your information online through the North Carolina Medical Board’s website. We will not supply forms for you to complete.

Who can I contact if I need assistance?

You may email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

What happens if I don’t update my Licensee Information page?

Failure to provide the required information by licensees to the Board may constitute unprofessional conduct and could result in disciplinary action pursuant to NCGS 90-5.2.  We recommend you review and update the data on your Licensee Information Pages to insure complete and accurate information will be published on the Board’s website.

Do I need to report malpractice cases that happened prior to May 1, 2008?

Yes. You are required to list all malpractice cases that resulted in a judgment, award, payment or settlement. However, only payments that occurred on or after May 1, 2008 will be public. If the payment was made as part of a settlement that occurred on or after May 1, 2008, only settlements of $75,000 or more will be public.

I do not have any public actions, felonies, malpractice, misdemeanor convictions or privileges suspended but I do not see a space where I can enter "not applicable". What should I enter?

Any page that is not applicable, please leave blank.

After I fill out a page and click "Apply", nothing happens. The system will not allow me to move to the next page. Why?

If you do not get a message stating “Your changes have been successfully applied”, you should review the top of the page for any error messages in red.  An error message alerts you to any corrections that may be required to complete the page.

I was interrupted while entering my information and when I returned to my computer, I was not able to apply/save the information I had been entering. What went wrong and what should I do?

The Licensee Information system is programmed to time out in 20 minutes. If you need to step away for a while, click on “Apply” at the bottom of the page to save the information you have entered. After the system has timed out you will need to log back in to continue. It may be necessary to close your Web browser and relaunch it before logging back in.

How do I change some of the information I entered for my Licensee Information Page?

You may log in to the NCMB Licensee Information system as often as needed to add new information or to make changes. The Licensee Information system is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How do I log into my Licensee Information Page?

You may access the Licensee Information portal from the Home Page of this website, accessing the page from the bottom left under Resources. Click here to go directly to the login page.