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Resident Training Licensees

Is it appropriate to call the NC Medical Board to check the status of my RTL application?

No. Please call the GME office staff, who function as agents of the North Carolina Medical Board with regard to resident training licenses. The GME offices are prepared to handle all inquiries from incoming residents and can explain the application process and assist with questions concerning the online RTL application, fingerprint/criminal background check process and application supporting documents.  GME offices strive to approve RTL license applications before residents’ start date.

Is it okay to complete my license renewal online using a mobile device?

No, it is not recommended. Mobile devices are not supported at this time.

Do I need to renew my RTL if I am applying for a full NC medical license?

Yes, unless the full license application is approved and a full license is issued BEFORE your RTL renewal date.

I am an RTL applying for a full license. Should I make my home address my NCMB mailing address?

Yes, it is recommended.

As a current RTL applying for a full license do I need to submit new fingerprint cards?

If the original fingerprint cards you submitted to the NCMB were sent in more than six months ago, you must submit new ones.  If you are filling out the full physician license application using FCVS, please reference the application checklist for items that FCVS will provide to NCMB.

How do I update my address info after my residency ends?

Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or send a fax to 919-326-1131. Please provide your full name.

RTLs do not have a license number. What should I do when asked to provide one?

The NCMB does not assign a license number to residents. When filling out forms that request a license number, leave the space blank, or use “RTL” to indicate that you hold a resident training license.