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Physician Assistant Practice Ownership

May a physician assistant own their own practice?

Yes. A licensed physician assistant may form their own practice to render the professional service they are licensed to provide. For more information, read this article.

Can a physician assistant establish a practice (professional corporation or limited liability company) with a physician, yet the PA owns a majority of the stock or membership?

Yes. PAs and physicians may jointly own stock in professional corporations. There is no requirement that shares of stock be allotted in a certain manner.

Can a physician assistant own 100 percent of a practice (professional corporation or limited liability company) and hire physicians as employees or independent contractors to practice medicine?

No. Practices owned solely by PAs may not hire or contract with physicians to practice medicine on behalf of the PA owned practices.

Should I notify the NC Medical Board if I sell my practice or merge with another business?

Yes. In compliance with NCGS 55B, you must obtain prior approval from the NC Medical Board if you change ownership of a professional corporation, association or limited liability company registered with the Board.

Where can I learn more about establishing a medical practice (professional corporation or professional limited liability company)?

A good place to start is NCMB’s Corporations page, which you can find here.