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Nov 3 2009

Developing a website for your practice

 Categories:  Special Features Think of the number of times you, your family and friends access the Internet. You use the Web to make travel arrangements, make purchases, download… Read More…
Aug 14 2009

Lawmakers eliminate CSRS “gag rule”

 Categories:  Special Features The NC General Assembly took action July 30 to fix what has been clinicians' main gripe about the Controlled Substances Reporting System: a strict prohibition… Read More…
Aug 14 2009

CSRS Data for NC: What they can tell us; what they can’t

 Categories:  Special Features So far, the North Carolina Controlled Substances Reporting System (CSRS) is a gold mine of information on how many and what kinds of prescriptions for… Read More…
Aug 14 2009

Using the NC Controlled Substances Reporting System

 Categories:  Special Features A conversation with CSRS administrator William D. Bronson

The NC Department of Health and Human Services implemented the Controlled Substances Reporting System… Read More…
May 6 2009

Ticks in North Carolina: Increasing disease and confusion

 Categories:  Special Features In 2007 North Carolina reported almost 800 cases of tickborne diseases (TBDs) and close to 1,000 the year before (see Table 1). This indicates that… Read More…
May 5 2009

Lyme Disease Update: Focus on North Carolina and recommendations for clinicians

 Categories:  Special Features The diagnosis and management of lyme disease is a controversial topic. With the recent revision of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) definition… Read More…
Oct 31 2008

Setting up shop: Building a practice from the ground up

 Categories:  Special Features Setting up a new medical practice is challenging, whether you are just completing your training or are at a later stage in your career. Before… Read More…
Jul 31 2008

An Unrelenting Epidemic of Deaths from Prescription Drugs in North Carolina

 Categories:  Special Features The figures and tables referenced in the article below can be found in the print version at the following link: Prescription_drug_article.pdf

Read More…