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Feb 23 2023

All APP QI meeting requirements back in place

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NCMB continues to receive periodic questions regarding waivers temporarily put in place during the state of emergency in North Carolina related to COVID-19.

Among other things these waivers set aside, for a limited time, the requirement for PAs and other APPs to meet with their primary supervising physicians for Quality Improvement (QI) Meetings. All such waivers have been rescinded or have expired and ALL rules and policies related to QI Meetings are again in force.

PAs in an established (e.g. six months or longer) practice arrangement with a primary supervising physician must meet no less than once every six months (2x a year) for QI Meetings. PAs in a new supervisory arrangement with a primary supervising physician are required by rule to meet once a month for the first six months of the supervisory arrangement and then once every six months thereafter.

Need a refresher?

Read the PA rules

Read NCMB's position statement on supervision

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