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Feb 4 2016

Browse (and contribute to) NCMB’s online physician wellness resources

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NCMB has assembled an online collection of wellness and burnout resources at the recommendation of Board Members and stakeholders who participated in NCMB’s June 2015 roundtable discussion on physician wellness.

Click here for the NCMB's online wellness resources. Many resources are geared towards helping licensees recognize and assess their own symptoms of burnout. Some emphasize ways to combat the signs of burnout and encourage resilience in the face of mounting professional stressors. Although some organizations featured offer paid services, NCMB has tried to avoid posting resources where the primary purpose is to promote commercial products and services.

The Board will expand its collection of wellness resources over time. If you are aware of a resource that might be useful to NCMB licensees, please email to suggest it.

A recent study by Tait Shanafelt, MD, and colleagues found that more than half of a sample of nearly 36,000 physicians surveyed in 2014 reported one or more symptoms of burnout. That’s a nearly 10 point increase from 2011

Source: Shanafelt et al, Mayo Clinic Proceedings, Dec. 2015, Volume 90, Issue 12, Pages 1600–1613

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