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Jun 14 2019

Controlled substances CME requirement: a quick refresher

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NCMB continues to field regular calls and inquiries about its CME requirement for controlled substances prescribers. This requirement, adopted effective July 1, 2017, applies to any physician or PA who prescribed controlled substances of any kind during his or her most recent CME cycle. Physicians who prescribe controlled substances must earn three hours of controlled substances CME during each three year CME cycle. PAs who prescribe must earn two hours of controlled substances CME during each two year CME cycle. There is no annual requirement - all credits must be completed by the end of the CME cycle.

Some of the most frequent inquiries from licensees include:

* Does NCMB require licensees to complete a specific course to satisfy the requirement? Answer: No. Licensees are free to complete any course that covers the required education topics and is appropriately certified. Many licensees have contacted the Board about a specific mailer they received marketing a program designed to comply with NCMB’s controlled substances CME program. NCMB is not responsible for this mailer and licensees are not required to complete this specific course.

* How does a licensee notify NCMB that he or she has completed required CME? Answer: Not necessary. Licensees should keep records for six years, in case they are selected for a compliance audit.

* Where can licensees find CME courses to satisfy the requirement? Answer: NCMB does not endorse or recommend CME courses. However, as a courtesy, the Board links to free and low-cost CME opportunities on its website as it becomes aware of them.

Find CME opportunities and additional information about the controlled substances CME requirement by visiting NCMB's prescribing CME resource page.

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